Hello World!

Hi there, my name is Carter. You may know me by my online name cdg / cdgco. I’m currently a student at Oregon State University where I’m studying for my Bachelors in Computer Science. I work as an Information Technology Technician for the College of Engineering where I am also a student software developer, building our internal tools and apps.

Outside of software, I run my business, CJREvents where I DJ and produce local events.

I love music and have been in band and played instruments (clarinet, bass and guitar) all throughout secondary school. Most importantly, I love technology. Whether it be homelabs, smart homes, audio, video, lighting, computers, you name it.

While I think it’s sort-of pretentious to write a blog, I wanted a place to dump some of my thoughts on technology, the projects I’m working on, and guides for how to do cool things with tech.

One of the things I think I’ve been able to do very well is to find free or cheap ways to achieve professional level results from my projects, and I’d like to share that with others.

Whether that be building a cost effective digital lighting system for live events, invoice and payment processing site for my customers, zero-trust development environment for my homelab, etc. I think some of you may find interest or use in the way I’ve solved these problems, so I want to make them publicly available.

Furthermore, I think I have a unique perspective as an unofficial student software developer where I’m modernizing our internal systems, taking over projects from students that graduated, and writing new projects that will have to be supported by other students in just a couple years when I graduate.

So join me on this ride and follow the blog for updates!